3Keay Bandcamp

Trying to find my music people. I have read that if you (meaning me) feel good about the music you’re creating, that it is worth sharing, there are people out in the world that will appreciate it too. Trying to navigate this via social media and music streaming sites etc is confusing and disheartening at best. Covid has precluded any thoughts of performing live, though I really enjoyed performing “Live” on Twitch over New Years as part of a Lines streaming event.

Now I am trying to share more directly via online radio. This process is much more like show submissions in the ART world. Sending mp3’s is a little weird, but some folks just ask for Bandcamp links, so I finally got around to populating a bandcamp page located at: https://3keay.bandcamp.com/

Creating it was a small thing, but I feel like getting that in place along with music on the various streaming services was an accomplishment. If you have read this far and like weird ambienty downtempo music, give me a listen.

screenshot of my page on BandCamp