Santa Teresa Park in the rain

Coyote Peak Transmitter

Ok, let’s start with the annoying. What is it exactly about how trails, pedestrian paths, sidewalk closures, etc. that the people managing these things can’t post a sign at the entry to the park or at the last fork in the trail where you could still change your mind and path? I see this all the time, there is trail work a mile down the trail, but the notice is placed in the last 50 meters of that mile. Now your stuck with a choice, turn around and retrace your steps or bushwack around the obstruction. Maybe I am the unreasonable one….

Regardless, got out for a hike to Coyote Peak in the storm today. Hiked up into the clouds and wet. Muddy with a capitol “M”. No great infinity views, just the hush of clouds, rain and wind. AND the airplanes in pattern flying over the hill, but unseen in the fog.

Hoped for some cool sounds for the entire hike, ears on full alert, but only got one fun little recording at the end. This is the final hillside and a herd, flock, group? of quail are all over the hillside under the scrub. Great wide field recording. I didn’t bother with noise reduction on this, no “clean” section to sample, so its a balance between the air noise and the quail.

Quail under brush and flying in, frogs….